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Top Pet Names 2018 – What’s your pick?

Top Pet Names 2018 – What’s your pick?


We love pets and we like to stay posted on what is happening with all things pets! Pet names is one of our bloggers favourite topics, she has put together some name predictions for the coming year! Let us know what you think!

Out go the Buddy’s and in come the Frankie’s. Our Favourite names tend to be all the 4 lettered ones this year with lulu and coco being top hits from 2017! And Bella, Charlie, Ruby and Max staying for another year on the charts.

Frankie hit the top pet names list this year along with Coco and other alternate names like Luna! Bella, the pet favourite certainly hasn’t gone anywhere and Pet Insurance Australia doesn’t expect it to any time soon. We’ve loved watching the new names trickle in over the years! I wonder what will be the favourites in 2018? Here are our predictions!

Pet Names 2018

With Some new movies coming out and some making a comeback we couldn’t help but add this children’s list to our predictions.

What’s your pick?

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