Pet Owner Life!

Things I say now I own a pet!

The reality is, I was one of those… “I’ll never do that” people before I became a mum (pet Mumma). Was anyone else?

Things people say before they own a pet Vs now!

If you didn’t grow up with a pet or even if you did I’ll bet you at least some of these are true for you too. I was the hand on my heart I swear I’ll never …. person before I had my very own fluffy friend. my cat


Before After
I’ll never talk to my pet like a human Hey how was our day? Gosh you look pretty today. My day was ok, little bit long and I missed you but that’s ok I’m home now. Shall we excersize or just drink wine? Ahh I like it wine!
It’s an excuse to get out of the house and walk My dog is allergic to walking she is really into watching Netflix at the moment.
It’s just a dog! Ummm first of all that’s my child
Let’s have a sleep over! I love staying out of my own house Oh I’d love to but peach doesn’t like sleeping alone.
Sorry I got new shoes this week I can’t afford it Sorry my fish asked me for a new reef this week, I cant afford it
Should I bring a plus 1? So do they allow animals as plus ones? My cat is very social able.
I love beaches in Spain, nude tanning all the way. Ohh sorry we only go to organic pet friendly beaches its bad for his paws
Let’s go to Bali, cheap flight sale is on! Sure! I’m in as long as they allow pets. Are pets included in cheap airfares? Is there a cat pole included? Pet friendly water?
I’ll never dress my dog up Omg. Puppers dog collars need a matching bandana!! You wait for Halloween! Pumpkin it is!
I will never let my pets inside Week 1 : Not you’re not allowed inside

Week 2: out you go, you know you’re not allowed in here

Week 3: come on jump under the covers, shhh don’t tell anyone.

Do you have anything to add?

I am currently self confessed fish lady! I love my pet fish, it’s all i’m currently able to care for but it’s a slippery slope once you get started! Even the family cat at my mum’s doesn’t know what to do with my new found soft side!Friday

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