LoveUrns Pet Cremation Urns

Teardrop pet cremation urns

Teardrop pet cremation urns

Our beautiful LoveUrns cremation pet urns are handmade and protected with GlossCoat technology™. All LoveUrns pet urns are lovingly crafted, engraved, hand polished and packed.

Our LoveUrns pet urns range is made from brass or alloy.

Our LoveUrns pet urns range also includes keepsakes and come boxed. This pet urn series is available in a wide range of designs, colours and finishes.
Our pet urn range also includes tealight candles engraved with paw prints. Tealight pet urns include glass insert. Tealight pet urns do not include candle.

LoveUrns pet urns are available in Midnight, Bronze and Red.