Cloisonné Pet Cremation Urns

Cloisonne cat pet cremation urns

Cloisonné pet cremation urns for your cat

Our Cloisonné Kitty pet urns designed by Terrybear feature silhouettes of two kitties that are carefully blended into a background of complimentary coloured leaves and flowers.
Cloisonné pet urns are created by using a sophisticated handcrafted art form involving delicate patterns of copper and the application of enamel colour. Each pet urn is crafted by hand using a comprehensive and sophisticated process involving hammering of copper pieces to form the shapes. A Cloisonné pet urn can take many hours to complete.
In order to create magnificent pet urns, copper filigree is used to form delicate floral patterns and enamel is used to fill and develop rich shades of colour.
Cloisonné pet urns are gilded in gold to add elegance and several high temperature heat processes are involved in creating these beautiful cremation pet urns. This pet urn series is available in blue and brown.