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Pet presents



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Anyone who knows a pet parent knows how much they love presents for their beloved baby/pet.We certainly do!  A perfect present for a pet parent is a present for their pet! Vouchers, mugs with their pet on it…a bag with their face? How about some of the ones below?

See our list of pet presents below!

1 – Pawgie gift boxes and vouchers

Gift boxes, pet treats and toys. What more could you want from a pet present?!

2- Stickapet Pet Stickers

Stick them anywhere you want. It’s an affordable addition to any gift. The fun quirky stickers are the perfect way to help a pet parent celebrate their gorgeous pet! Dog and Cat stickers now available. I know I’d be happy with this as a gift! 

3- Dogue online pet store and grooming

Find something for your friends pup or buy a voucher for grooming. Grooming can be an expensive item when it comes to pet maintenance but not with Dogue! Vouchers, discounts and multiple stores to choose from. Buy your friend a voucher for their furry friend ! A gift that will be appreciated!

4 – Snapfish offer a custom pet gift store.

Key rings, mugs… you name it !


Paige Gift Boxes


5 – My Pupper Handmade dog accessories

A little luxury for your friends pup.

6 – Pet Barn Gift vouchers

How can you go wrong with this one! Pet Barn cater for all pets big and small, with discounts regularly and the option for ongoing delivery! Why wouldn’t you make them your first choice?

7 – RSPCA donations give you and your friend a chance to give back to an organisation that works so hard for animal welfare!

Click here to donate on behalf of your friend. 


Think you have found the perfect pet gift? Tell us below!

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What do I do when my pet passes?

Loss of a pet

5 things to do in the event your beloved pet passes away. Pet Loss Guide.

Our pet gets us through the good and the bad! They know when we are down and they know just what to do about it. They are our family, so when that time does come the last thing you can think about is what comes next? What do I need to organise? What are my options? All we can think about is laying them to rest …. But how?

In the last few years your options have grown giving you a chance to keep them close. This of course comes at a cost and fills your mind with all new things to deal with when they pass. Luckily Still With Me Pet Urns have laid out a step by step plan to help make the process that little bit easier.

A local crematorium released a statement earlier last year saying “we feel privileged to be trusted with their family member in a time of grieving. We want to return them with dignity regardless of what type of animal we are cremating. It is important to us that the family feel comforted in this time, we see that as our only job!”

My Cat

1- Pet Loss; laying them to rest

*Speak to your vet. Decide on personal cremation, group cremation, memorial or burial – it is best to alert your vet that they have passed.

*Speak with your chosen pet cremation service. Your pet will be picked up and you will be given the choice of how you wish the cremation to proceed. “She was picked up promptly and placed in a basket with flowers. The kind gentleman from Pet Angel managed to speak to me through my tears and ensure me it would be ok. He gave me all of my options and made me feel comfortable” Said Shannon from Brisbane.

*Choose the urn or memorialisation item. Still With Me or your crematorium can help.

*Receive your pet home again or be alerted that they have been laid to rest if another option is chosen (you can bring them home, have them laid to rest elsewhere or if you chose burial from the beginning this will not apply)

Calling your vet is the best way to start this process if you are not already there. They will be able to walk you through the next step of choosing how to lay them to rest. I know we usually want to ensure this happens as fast as possible. “I didn’t want him to be cold and wanted to ensure he was safe” Said Madeline of Brisbane QLD who recently lost her dog.

When choosing to cremate your beloved family member when they pass, part of this process is to choose how you would like to memorialised them. Just as we do with loss of a family member, we now have these options when we loose our pet. The pet cremation industry now gives us a chance to keep them close to us when they have passed. Jennie O’Neill from Still With Me Pet Urns says “It is such a proud moment for the funeral industry to be able to give this closure to pet parents”.  

Pet urns

But how?


Cremation for your pet is a reasonably new concept. However it is one that more people are choosing. Due to the increase in interest pet cremation, businesses are able to offer a more affordable comprehensive services. With a dignified pick up from your home or place of the pets passing, multiple cremation and memorial options and support throughout the whole process.

The service can cost between $150 and $400 depending on the service that you choose. Not only is your pet memorialised in a dignified way but you are able to take them home with a number of options available to you. Urns, Keepsakes, Candles, Bio Urns, Scattering and memorials, jewellery, are just some of the options available. These are taken care of through the pet crematorium or for something more personal Still With Me Pet Urns has a range of products to suit. You can explore these options on the website!

Need advice on a crematorium?  Want to know more about your options?


At current you are still able to bury your pet in your yard however it is recommended that the hole is 3-4 feet deep for safety and environmental reasons. If you choose to bury your pet the wonderful team at Talking Stones can help you memorialise your pet.

If you are looking for another way to bury your pet with dignity Sweet Goodbye For You can take care of all of your burial and memorial needs.

Still unsure of which option would suit you best?

Me pet

2- Pet Registration

Even though it’s something we would rather not have to do I’m afraid it is super important. It is time to contact your local council and alert them of your pets passing.

3 -Pet Insurance

If  you have this in place you will find that you may be entitled to a death claim or a refund. This is because you may have paid your premium. “I would have much preferred to pay and have Ollie with us. I know now it was good to have a reminder that this was our next necessary step” said Joanne from Coburg, VIC.

4 -Your pets belongings

Although this part can sometimes be the most painful it brings a lot of closure to families when mourning the loss of a pet.  Just as it does for those who have lost a loved one. Have you considered gifting them to you beloved pets best friend? Donating the food to the RSPCA? Do some good in the name of your beloved family member.

Be Strong

Sharing is caring

If you need help grieving or just want someone to talk to contact Paws Along The Way!

It isn’t nice to talk about! We know that,  we are glad to get it out in the open. It is important to us for you to be aware that you have some options. No one likes to entertain the thought so when they time comes we are mind boggled. Pet loss is a big deal and we know that! Dealing with this while grieving just doesn’t leave much room for anything else.

Still With Me Pet Urns likes to share stories with other pet parents about families who have been through the process and know how it feels, they are a source of hope and comfort for those dealing with a loss. You can view these on their website or through their Instagram account.

We wish you and your wonderful family all the very best. It is our hope this has been a source of comfort in the years to come!

See a similar post about this on the blog for Perfect Pets along with other great storie

Pet Owner Life!

Things I say now I own a pet!

The reality is, I was one of those… “I’ll never do that” people before I became a mum (pet Mumma). Was anyone else?

Things people say before they own a pet Vs now!

If you didn’t grow up with a pet or even if you did I’ll bet you at least some of these are true for you too. I was the hand on my heart I swear I’ll never …. person before I had my very own fluffy friend. my cat


Before After
I’ll never talk to my pet like a human Hey how was our day? Gosh you look pretty today. My day was ok, little bit long and I missed you but that’s ok I’m home now. Shall we excersize or just drink wine? Ahh I like it wine!
It’s an excuse to get out of the house and walk My dog is allergic to walking she is really into watching Netflix at the moment.
It’s just a dog! Ummm first of all that’s my child
Let’s have a sleep over! I love staying out of my own house Oh I’d love to but peach doesn’t like sleeping alone.
Sorry I got new shoes this week I can’t afford it Sorry my fish asked me for a new reef this week, I cant afford it
Should I bring a plus 1? So do they allow animals as plus ones? My cat is very social able.
I love beaches in Spain, nude tanning all the way. Ohh sorry we only go to organic pet friendly beaches its bad for his paws
Let’s go to Bali, cheap flight sale is on! Sure! I’m in as long as they allow pets. Are pets included in cheap airfares? Is there a cat pole included? Pet friendly water?
I’ll never dress my dog up Omg. Puppers dog collars need a matching bandana!! You wait for Halloween! Pumpkin it is!
I will never let my pets inside Week 1 : Not you’re not allowed inside

Week 2: out you go, you know you’re not allowed in here

Week 3: come on jump under the covers, shhh don’t tell anyone.

Do you have anything to add?

I am currently self confessed fish lady! I love my pet fish, it’s all i’m currently able to care for but it’s a slippery slope once you get started! Even the family cat at my mum’s doesn’t know what to do with my new found soft side!Friday

Gold Coast Pet Expo 2018

Gold Coast Pet Expo!

It’s getting bigger every year and this year it is on our back door on the Gold Coast. 70 Stalls! Major sponsors ! Pets galore! Giveaways! Food! Need we say more? Probably not but we will.

Oh did I say puppies….? Well they’ll be there too!

We have made a list of the must visit stalls this year! And no we aren’t one of them unfortunately – maybe next year.

This years must stop stalls at the pet expo are…..

1 – Dogs Queensland

Your best stop for breeders and the information you’ve been searching for.

2- Flipping Disc Dogz

Because who doesn’t love a dog with a trick?! Find out about upcoming events, shows and maybe even meet the dogs!

3- Furlegged Family

For all of your pet lover needs. Collars, leads, presents and more.

4 –Pet Angel Funerals

It wouldn’t be a surprise that we are an advocate for this one… It’s tough to know what to do when the time comes so get some advice now. When the dreaded day comes you won’t be able to think about much but the endless cuddles.

Don’t forget a stop at Memorial Glass for another unique option. There are plenty of options available to you when that time does come.

Visit our Shop for more options.


5– Portrait House

Who doesn’t want gorgeous pics of their pet? Meet the team and see for yourselves how they can get that perfect ‘frameable’ shot for you.


But which stall? I say visit them all. Support the people that support our pet community.

7 –Sundogz

Are you an outdoors pet owner? Love the beach? We think this is a must see.

Need some QLD dog beach tips? See our blog post for more.

8 – The Pet Food Co

Did you say home delivered? Wonderful I’ll take a weekly delivery. My puppy is GREEDY.

Let’s also remember their food is healthy for your pet too.

Pet urn bracelet

We hope you all have great time at this year’s expo! Who knows, you might just see us next year!

Ps. Stop off at the Fire Fighters Calendar stall… we certainly will be.

Top Pet Names 2018 – What’s your pick?

Top Pet Names 2018 – What’s your pick?


We love pets and we like to stay posted on what is happening with all things pets! Pet names is one of our bloggers favourite topics, she has put together some name predictions for the coming year! Let us know what you think!

Out go the Buddy’s and in come the Frankie’s. Our Favourite names tend to be all the 4 lettered ones this year with lulu and coco being top hits from 2017! And Bella, Charlie, Ruby and Max staying for another year on the charts.

Frankie hit the top pet names list this year along with Coco and other alternate names like Luna! Bella, the pet favourite certainly hasn’t gone anywhere and Pet Insurance Australia doesn’t expect it to any time soon. We’ve loved watching the new names trickle in over the years! I wonder what will be the favourites in 2018? Here are our predictions!

Pet Names 2018

With Some new movies coming out and some making a comeback we couldn’t help but add this children’s list to our predictions.

What’s your pick?

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Top 3 dog beach haunts for 2018!

Looking for a dog beach to go to? We’ve put together a small list for Queensland.

3 best places for your dog to cool off this summer

We love a day on the beach and it’s made even better if we don’t have to leave someone behind! My Pup that is! Check our the below beaches you can enjoy as a family before we loose the warmth of February.

We thought dog beaches where a thing of the past but we are here to tell you they are still around! You just need to know where to look! Dog beaches

1 – Southport The Spit dog beach

This is a great option not too far from Brisbane or the southern part of the coast with plenty of play time to be had. Try to avoid the peak periods unless your pup is well socialised and ready for a little rough and tumble with the other pup beach goers.

2 – Palm Beach, Currumbin dog beach

A lovely relaxing spot a little further down the coast which is a great spot for families with pups and their children. Plenty of space to play and swim for all!

3 – Coolum, Sunshine Coast dog beach

A must visit before the summer is over this is the one we go to if we arnt headed to our secret spot listed below! The Stumers Creek Dog Beach is somewhere to spend mid morning or afternoon which is perfect for those extra hot days. Sit at a local café for lunch and then head back down for an afternoon splash.

SUPER SECRET – Cabarita Beach, NSW dog friendly beach

Now we are well aware this is not in Queensland but we just couldn’t help but share. This is an absolute gem of a place to visit. Get yourself to this part of the coast before it’s too late and the crowds swarm. Beautiful walks, cocktails bars with access to the beach, friendly locals and you may even spot a whale if you are lucky!

Happy Beaching to our Furry and not Furry friends.



Still With Me Team

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